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12 Motivational Quotes For Developing Quality Talent

Below are 12 motivational quotes that I’ve pulled together for finding and developing the hidden quality talent within your organization! Share them with your team and look at how you can apply them together.

1. Never underestimate the value of your plow horses – those loyal employees who will never set the world on fire, but will always do whatever it takes to keep the lights on.

Value of Your Plow Horses

2. One hiring mistake at a senior level is all it takes to create a domino effect that destroys value throughout your organization.

Domino Effect

3. Developing qualified managerial talent is best done by providing challenging assignments and mentorship to succeed, not a plethora of executive programs.

Developing Qualified Managerial Talent

4. When it comes to talent, the grass is often greener in your own backyard.

Grass is Greener

5. There are a limited number of truly talented people in any market space. Help them develop and apply their talents to your business.

Talented People

6. If your employees aren’t creating customer value, they’re probably destroying it.

Destroying Customer Value

7. Finding and developing managerial talent is really a matter of looking at the challenge from an inside-out perspective. Develop internal talent first, only then look at external hires.

Inside-Out Perspective

8. Training and development is often the first budget item to be cut in tough times despite the fact that it is an investment and not a cost.

Training and Development Cuts

9. Raw talent that is carefully groomed and nurtured holds the key to success.

Key to Success

10. Too few organizations have a consistent approach to developing Qualified Managerial Talent.

Inconsistent Approach

11. Fire your donkeys when you first find yourself thinking about it, and promote or hire the racehorses who never need to be coaxed to run.Hire the Racehorses

12. Training and developing the people you already have doesn’t take nearly as much time and money as hiring, training and developing the people you don’t have and crossing your fingers that they’re a match.

Training and Developing

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