July 14th

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Did you know:

1. 84% of businesses score a C, D or F on the Return on People benchmark – many can’t even give every employee a decent raise, let alone invest in new people, technology, facilities, equipment, or market expansion.

2. 40% companies who increase their revenues in a given year will decrease their profits.

3. 96% of companies will put their greater goals on hold this year with the 7 scariest words in business: WE DON’T HAVE THE BUDGET FOR THAT.

Ready to take your company to the next level? Register for the Profit In Plain Sight America! Virtual Tour, get a complimentary copy of the Benchmark Report, and learn how to shatter your profit speed limits forever!

Profit in Plain Sight America! Virtual Tour Is the answer to your profit dreams (or nightmares…)

Imagine if in just 60 minutes, you could break free of your profit constraints, stop being a victim of economic turmoil, and be in control of earning all the profit you need to fund the growth you want. And imagine if you had a roadmap you could implement in small steps for the rest of the year to achieve all of your numbers with ease… in less time per week than you’re spending on email per day.

You don’t have to just imagine it. Because the Profit In Plain Sight America! Virtual Tour is coming to you! Register today, receive breakthrough Return on People Benchmark Report and 5-Step Roadmap to a better bottom line.

I recall your seminar as though it was just yesterday. You asked us all to plot our “Return on People” on the chart. Unfortunately at that stage our profit was in the negative… actually negative $9,955 per employee. While our management team knew we were in a loss position, the impact of seeing ourselves “at the bottom of the class” was very impactful. From your presentation, we reset our goals and we implemented the plan you outlined. For our year ended December 31, 2014, I am pleased to conform that we achieved $26,671 profit per employee. This was also the highest profitability levels in the organization’s history.

– CFO, Major Building Products Manufacturer

Want to learn what he learned? Register for the 60 minute virtual seminar whether you can make the date or not, as the call will be recorded for you – share it with your team and see change for the better start to happen.


Need More Profit This Year? The Profit In Plain Sight America! Virtual Tour is Coming and You Won’t Want to Miss It!

Who should attend?

Leaders at any level with P&L responsibility (C-suite, VP, General Manager, Director, Division Manager, Department Manager) who want to achieve their profit targets with ease in 2015.

You’ll learn:

1. How to use the hot-off-the-press 2015 Return on People Benchmark Report to shatter your profitability speed limits, and set new goals. You’ll receive a complimentary copy of the 50+page Report upon so that you can benchmark against YOUR industry and learn what it takes to be the gold standard on this often-overlooked metric. You measure ROI, ROA, ROC, ROE… its time to measure ROP, because people are your biggest expense… your greatest competitive advantage… and your biggest headache sometimes!

2. How an overlooked metric, the Profitable Customer Ratio can get your people behaving like owners and shift their behaviors in small, simple ways almost immediately to drive profitability to significantly new levels. Whether you currently measure profit per customer or whether you thought it was impossible due to the complex accounting required, I’ll show you how to get a good-is-good-enough-for-good-decision-making snapshot that delivers a huge AHA! and changes the playing field.

3. The 5 Step Profit in Plain Sight Roadmap that moves beyond the conventional thinking we’ve all been taught and with straightforward, proven solutions, helps you systematically tackle each of the 5 key profit challenges that are keeping you stuck at well below your potential for business success.

You’ll also receive a comprehensive handout with extra information and lots of room for the AHA! Moments you’ll want to capture AND a complimentary copy of the 2015 Return on People Benchmark Report!

This is the best investment in success you’ll make all year, and the dog days of summer are the perfect time take action based on your results from the first 6 months of the year.

Need More Profit This Year? The Profit In Plain Sight America! Virtual Tour is Coming and You Won’t Want to Miss It!

Are any of these thoughts going through your mind right now?

  • I have no TIME – Listen, you likely spend 60-90 minutes per day doing email – and that never moves the needle in your business. This will. Listen live or to the recording during your commute or workout, then work through the Benchmark Report and Handout at your convenience
  • I have no NO BUDGET!! – Your Chamber has negotiated a special reduced fee to attend this virtual seminar of only $297 during the Profit in Plain Sight Virtual Tour (regular $497) and if you implement just any one of the tactics you’ll learn, you’ll gain an instant ROI.
  • I’m on VACATION – Great! Register anyway, and the replay, handout, and Report will be waiting for you to take the rest of your year to new heights when you return!
    Who is Anne C. Graham and why should I listen to her?

Anne C. Graham is a corporate turnaround expert with deep profit and growth expertise culled from more than twenty five years of in-the-trenches and executive experience in very diverse industries, from the Fortune 500 to small and mid-size companies. She is a best-selling author, a speaker of the year, the Managing Director of the Legendary Value Institute, and a sought-after consultant who helps clients achieve take-it-to-the-bank results. Her new book Profit in Plain Sight: The Leaders Proven Path to Passion, Profit and Growth provides the practical roadmap she wishes she’d had, and provides time-tested, proven, practical solutions that can be implemented in less time per week than executives are currently spending on email per day!

We’re delighted to be making someone of Anne’s calibre available to our members, because we want to see you succeed!

Register TODAY to secure your spot. One lucky attendee will win a year of access to The Profit and Growth Academy – a $2499 value!

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