How to Get Results from Revolutions, not Resolutions – Without Overthrowing Anything

Checklist #1 of 4: How to Get Results from Revolutions, not Resolutions – Without Overthrowing Anything

Unlike New Year’s Resolutions that typically last less than 30 days, New Year’s Revolutions act like the flywheel on a bike – they continue to provide forward momentum even when no energy is being applied. So this year, instead of dropping out of the race or pedaling furiously, I want you to implement 4 Revolutions that will serve as the flywheel for delivering significant financial results for your business this year.

Revolutions are typically associated with anarchy, but I want you to look at this literally – as something that moves in a cycle. This type of revolution is practical, actionable, and sustainable, because it becomes as automatic as doing your email everyday – you don’t even have to think about it, schedule it, or put it on your well-intentioned to-do list. With practice, it just happens as part of the way you work.

Most business leaders spend a minimum of 90 minutes every day doing email… many spend much longer. That’s almost 400 hours per year, or 10 valuable weeks of your time, assuming you work a 40 hour work week (are you laughing at the thought?).

No, I’m not going to tell you that Revolution #1 should be to do less email, because email, voice mail, texts and more are all a part of doing business in our always-on world. However, doing email NEVER moves the needle in your business unless you’re in order entry. All I’m going to suggest is that you will really move the needle in your business just by committing 90 minutes once per week – a fraction of the time that you spend on email – to the high value-add work that I’ll recommend in each of the 4 Revolutions I’ll share with you for the month of January. Ready?

When I speak to thousands of business leaders across the country each year, most tell me that they know they should be getting out in front of their customers more often… and most say they don’t make the time to do it. Others tell me that they are pretty good at getting out there, but that the ride-alongs and meet-and-greets really don’t seem to be a valuable use of their time.

This year, your first Revolution simply requires you to get out from behind your desk
and have a meaningful value-add dialogue with a customer just once a week.

One of the easiest ways to almost effortlessly increase revenues, identify costly sludge in your systems, and increase loyalty and retention is simply to pay attention to your customers in a way that has nothing to do with pitching product and everything to do with building trust and credibility. It starts with getting out from behind your desk and meeting with them 1-1 at an executive level. I’ve never seen this fail to increase goodwill and generate more business almost immediately

Download the free 7-step Checklist below (no opt-in required) and simply follow each step. I’ve included links to 2 free downloadable video training resources that will start the flywheel effect in your business.

Revolution #1 Checklist:
Get Out From Behind Your Desk and Go See A Customer Every Week