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You asked us all to plot our “Return on People”. Unfortunately at that stage our profit was actually negative $9,955 per employee. While our management team knew we were in a loss position, the impact of seeing ourselves “at the bottom of the class” was very impactful. For our year ended December 31, 2014, I am pleased to conform that we achieved $26,671 profit per employee. This was also the highest profitability levels in the organization’s history.

– CFO, Major Building Supplies Manufacturer

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AUTHOR: Anne C. Graham
PUBLISHED: July 7, 2015
ISBN: 9781630472917

Profit in Plain Sight is the proactive 5-Step Profit Plan that shatters your profitability speed limits with two uncommon drivers, then closes the gap between good intentions to drive revenues higher and keep costs low at the beginning of the year, and the reality of missed expectations throughout the year.

The only online, learn-by-doing Profit Plan specifically designed to pay for itself more than once in the first 90 days, with significant profit impact thereafter… all in less time per week then you’re spending on email per day!
The practical, insightful, uncommon 12 month Virtual Seminar program that delivers strategies for 12 key requirements that drive profitable growth, perfect for leaders at every level and their teams.


As a shy teenage bookworm, Anne C. Graham never imagined being a best-selling author sharing compelling messages of profit and growth on international stages. However as an executive who all-to-often heard “we don’t have the budget for that!” this stubborn Taurus is now on a mission is to empower 5 million business leaders to move beyond the puny profits that hold them back and proactively create the prosperity they need to say “YES!” to all the good growth initiatives on their business bucket list and thrive in any economy. Anne uses her unique Return on PeopleBenchmark to shatter their profitability speed limits and set their goals higher, and teaches them the Profit Plan they’ve been missing, transforming their business to achieve more than they thought they ever could.

Although young Anne dreamed of being an architect, early art teachers found no drawing talent whatsoever. Instead, she graduated on the Dean’s List of the business school at Ryerson University (Canada’s MIT) and pursued an MBA part-time while racing along the fast track with two Fortune 500 Companies, rapidly rising to National Sales Director before she was 30. Anne’s most important lesson – that revenue is vanity, but profit is sanity– came early in her career seeing a company hell-bent on reaching $1B in revenues at any costs bleed to death as it downsized 120,000 people worldwide trying to cut its way to growth.

That lit Anne’s entrepreneurial fire, and she subsequently led a string of successful turnarounds in professional services and manufacturing firms. Life delivered one more big lesson in a turnaround where she got mired in internal issues, ultimately failing to make a significant difference to the bottom line: That lesson was that only customers create cash flow and that all the fun in business is on the OTHER side of the desk, connecting with customers and employees to create value! Her signature guarantee is that she can show organizations how to transform their bottom line in less time per week than they’re spending on email per day.

A successful entrepreneur and consultant since 2000, she has inspired thousands of business leaders internationally, earning accolades as a Speaker of the Year with TEC/Vistage. As a popular guest lecturer in the award-winning MBA program at the University of British Columbia, she loves impacting the next generation of leaders. A veteran of numerous media interviews in radio, print, and TV, Anne currently works with select private clients, broadens her reach and impact with monthly virtual seminars in The Profit and Growth Academy, and mentors leaders via an innovative online learn-by-doing program called ProfitU.

As a die-hard romantic Anne knew writing a book was somewhere in her future, however Business won out over writing a romantic novel, with over a dozen profit- and growth-related eBooks plus her first professionally published book Profit In Plain Sight: TheProven Leader’s Path to Profit, Passion, and Growth. First named to Who’s Who in 2004, Anne has served in leadership roles with many non-profit organizations and industry associations.

Adventurous Anne makes her home in beautiful Vancouver Canada, loves travel and is drawn to water, whether piloting her boat on the stunning coastline of BC or warm-water wind surfing and scuba diving. Often found on Whistler’s ski hills, she once summited Mt. Kilimanjaro, raising $10K for charity and transforming in just 10 weeks from someone who didn’t hike and didn’t camp… in less time per week than she was spending on email per day!


Anne C. Graham developed her deep profit and growth expertise through in the blast furnace of tough turnarounds. A native of Montreal, Canada, Anne graduated with honors from the Ted Rogers Business School at Ryerson University. The early days of her career included working with two Fortune 500 companies. After seeing one of them downsize 120,000 people worldwide trying to shrink their way to growth, she found her passion working with smaller organizations, inspiring change and growth and helping them turn around their practices to expand their profit margins. Her eye-opening Return on People Benchmark is the catalyst for transformation needed by business leaders everywhere who cannot see beyond their limited budgets and the limited possibilities they come with.

Today, Anne is on a mission to reach and impact 5 million business leaders through her speaking, over a dozen e-books, and now her first hard copy book, Profit in Plain Sight, She is a veteran of many media interviews, has earned Speaker of the Year accolades from the CEO peer mentoring group TEC/Vistage and is a Best Selling Author. She has served as Executive of Residence and Assistant Dean of Executive Programs at the University of British Columbia, as the Vice Chair of the Burnaby Board of Trade and as a Director with the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters Association.

When she is not hard at work leading clients to higher levels of profit and growth in her hands-on practice, Anne enjoys spending her time in the great outdoors. Whether boating, wind surfing, or scuba diving, she is drawn to the water. She also loves to ski and once climbed to the peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro for charity, training and raising 10K in less than 10 weeks. Adventurous in spirit and daring in nature, Anne’s belief that she can do anything is evident in both her personal life and her career.


Anne C. Graham is a corporate turnaround expert with deep profit and growth expertise culled from more than twenty-five years of in-the-trenches and executive experience in very diverse industries, from the Fortune 500 to small and mid-size companies. As a best-selling Author and a Speaker of the Year, she’s on a mission to reach and impact 5 million business leaders who want to transform “We don’t have the budget for that!” into all the profit they need to fund the growth they want. Her new book, Profit in Plain Sight: The Leader’s Proven Path to Passion, Profit and Growth provides the practical roadmap she wishes she’d had, and provides time-tested solutions that can be implemented in less time per week than executives are currently spending on email per day. When not mentoring leaders to achieve higher goals than they ever thought they could using her signature Return on People Benchmark, Anne’s favorite writing and relaxation spot is on the back deck of her boat, anchored in a quiet bay on the west coast of British Columbia.

Story Angles

        • The simple Benchmark that helps leaders shatter their profitability speed limit forever and set the bar higher
        • How this overlooked ratio changes employee behaviors instantly to drive higher profits
        • 5 Reasons what we’ve been taught about driving profitability is wrong… and what to do about it.
        • Revealed: The Hidden Customer Loyalty Strategy Your Competition Prays You’ll Never Start Using
        • 7 hidden secrets to lock in customer loyalty
        • 5 surprising strategies other than “fire them” when a customer is costing you more than they’re worth
        • Which of these 5 costly operations time bombs are set to go off in your business?
        • 5 simple strategies to get the sludge out of your business and turn it into profit
        • 9 ways to discover innovations that will sell without spending a fortune on R&D
        • 21 things you can learn from Apple about innovation that sells
        • 5 Overlooked Ways to Find 1% Everywhere in Your Business and See a 16-38% Boost To Your Bottom Line
        • The Real Reason 67% of Customers Leave… and the Single Most Effective Way to Turn That Around and Gain Customer Loyalty
        • 5 Things That Have You Leaking Profits Like a Sieve… and How to Eliminate Them.
        • What Apple and a Small Consulting Company Have In Common When it Comes to Innovation… and why your competitors won’t be able to copy-cat them.

Press Releases

Media Appearances

        • Profit in Plain Sight: 22nd Annual Writers Digest Book Awards judge writes, “The author’s approach is positive and empowering as she shares her wisdom with readers like a pragmatic coach. The author’s expertise is clear on every page and she offers insider knowledge generously, building ideas on each other in a thoughtful fashion. This book compels readers to action and helps them turn common sense into business sense. The varied content of the sidebars, worksheets, diagrams, tables, and icons makes the book engaging, fast moving, and practical.”


12 Months of Story Ideas

When your business readers are looking for new thinking (and some plain old-fashioned common sense strategies that they know but aren’t doing), here’s a range of themes & ideas that you’re free to pick and choose from for great content. Or, ask me for specific content in any of these areas according to your own editorial calendar! A perennial in-demand angle is Get to Know Your Customers Day  3rd Thursday of each quarter) – only customers create cash flow, and that drives Profit AND Growth!

January – G

Goals That Create Great. Angle: New Year’s Resolutions

How to Get Great Results from Revolutions, not Resolutions – Without Overthrowing Anything

February – R

Raise Productivity Sky High. Angle: A Business Twist on Valentines

The Real Secret To Productivity – It Isn’t What You Think, And It Doesn’t Mean Working Harder

March – O

Outrageously Engage Employees. Angle: Quick Start To Revenue Goals

The Uncommon Way To Help Your Employees Behave Like Owners

April – W

Win When You Leverage F.A.S.T. Angle: 1st Quarter Results Are In

The Overlooked Strategies To Achieve Flexibility, Agility, Speed, and Taking Action In Your Business

May – T

Talent Spot From Within. Angle: Planting Season

The Hidden Source For Developing Quality Talent

June – H

How To Execute For Impact. Angle: The Year is Half Over – Are You On Track?

Big Goals? The Uncommon Ways to Execute With Excellence And Implement For Impact

July – P

Profit From Powerful Insights. Angle: Use The Dog Days Of Summer For Reflection And Big Thinking

Return On People Benchmark Report Released: Shatter Your Profitability Speed Limits

August – R

Realize Rapid Results With The 5 Rs of Loyalty. Angle: Go Back To School With Your Customers

The Easiest Way To Skyrocket Customer Loyalty and Retention Before Your Best Customers Leave… Takes Less Time Than You’re Spending On Email

September – O

Obliterate Operational Sludge. Angle: There’s Still Time For A Get Well Plan Before Year End

Oil The Tin Man If Your Customer Service Staff Are Still Busy Even Though You’ve Invested In Quality

October – F

Fearlessly Price For Value. Angle: Manufacturing Week and Halloween

2 Tactics To Implement This Weeks When Your Top Line Isn’t Growing Fast Enough

November – I

Ignite The Infinite ROI Of Innovation. Angle: US Thanksgiving Means The Ways Way To Thank Your Customers Is With Value

21 Low Risk, Low Cost Paths To Innovation That Sell Like Hotcakes But Competitors Can’t Just Copy

December – T

Take Action. Angle: Preparing For Future Success

Need A Biz Plan, Strat Plan, Profit Plan – But Not The Usual Ones. Less Items On The Strat Plan, A Profit Plan Beyond A P&L. Gameplan And Roadmap.

Original, Quotable Quotes

“Only a healthy bottom line keeps you in business.”

– Anne C. Graham

“We overestimate what we can achieve in 1 year and underestimate what we can achieve in 5 years.”

– Anne C. Graham

“Only customers create cash flow.”

– Anne C. Graham

“Our creative, emotional, intuitive abilities are our greatest underutilized talent.”

– Anne C. Graham

“It’s all about small steps, big impact.”

– Anne C. Graham

“We like to think that our customers rely on us. And they like to think that we rely on them.”

– Anne C. Graham

“The most successful companies attract customers with pull, rather than selling with push.”

– Anne C. Graham

“Imagine what would be possible if your customers helped you build your business, as part of building their own.”

– Anne C. Graham

“Keep the customers who keep you in business from cozying up to your competition.”

– Anne C. Graham

“Your first step is internal transformation, to identify what attitudes have already shifted and what behaviours will follow.”

– Anne C. Graham

“Our best source of new business is old customers.”

– Anne C. Graham

“How to sell more products and services to more customers at higher prices.”

– Anne C. Graham

“Vampires may be popular in the movies, but they don’t belong in your business.”

– Anne C. Graham

“Don’t just oil your ‘operations Tinman’, make him sing and dance.”

– Anne C. Graham

“Simply get it right the first time, and, if you don’t, make it right the second time.”

– Anne C. Graham

“Creating a company that can capitalize on growth opportunities is wiser than looking for a growth industry.”

– Anne C. Graham

“If you don’t innovate, someone else will eat your lunch.”

– Anne C. Graham

“Time is not our problem. Fear and lack of focus is the only thing holding us back.”

“Measuring revenue is vanity. Measuring profit is sanity.”

– a colleague of Anne C. Graham

“The Customer Profitability Diamond holds the key to having everyone in your company make small, powerful, behavioural shifts that automatically improve profitability.”

– Anne C. Graham

“Proactively managing customer profitability the right way is absolutely essential, otherwise you’re simply going to waste far too much time and see minimal results.”

– Anne C. Graham

“Sell at higher process, even in tough competitive markets, even if you’re skeptical.”

– Anne C. Graham

Fascinating Facts and Filler Lists

40% of companies who increase their revenues in a given year will decrease their profits

84% of businesses will score a C, D or F on the 2015 Return on People Benchmark – many can’t even give every employee a decent raise, let alone invest

96% of companies will put their greater goals on hold this year with the 7 scariest words in business: “WE DON’T HAVE THE BUDGET FOR THAT!”

New Statistics from the 2015 Return on People Benchmark Report AVAILABLE NOW (request copy from

$572 – the Profit Per Employee it takes to earn an A on the Return on People Benchmark

$79K – the average Profit Per Employee on the Benchmark

$29K – the median Profit Per Employee on the Benchmark

$7K – the Profit Per Employee it takes to earn an F on the Benchmark

+13% the 1 year growth in the average Profit Per Employee.

10 Tips for more fun and profit in 2016 – SHORT or LONG version