At a glance.

Anne was born and raised in Montreal and spent 10 years on the career fast-track with two Fortune 500 companies in Toronto before a transfer took her to beautiful Vancouver, where she led several successful turnarounds with smaller organizations, and where she makes her home today. She is a proud graduate of the Ted Rogers Business School at Ryerson University, did graduate work at the Groote School of Business at McMaster University, and is a popular lecturer in the University of British Columbia’s award-winning MBA program. Over the past dozen years she’s created tangible results for consulting clients who give her rave reviews. She is the author of Profit in Plain Sight and over a dozen e-books, and has spoken to thousands of leaders and managers across North America.

Fast Facts

  • Credentials.
    Anne has been driving profit and growth in a wide variety of organizations for over 30 years, using customer-focused approaches instead of conventional accounting jiggery. She’s rolled up her sleeves to deliver results as an individual contributor, as a senior executive, and as a successful author, speaker, consultant, and entrepreneur.
  • Passions.
    Anne loves being on or near the water, whether its liquid or solid! In the summer, she boats on the west coast of BC and in the winter she’ll be found skiing Whistler. She dabbles as a windsurfer and is a certified scuba diver. And she’s passionate about engaging employees in building the kinds of highly profitable companies that the top talent aspires to work with, and that the best customers never want to leave – companies with Legendary Value.
  • Past Lives.
    Shy bookworm teenager, award-winning sales person, business turnaround expert, Assistant Dean, avid traveler, occasional daredevil, and a non-camper/non-hiker who reached the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro for charity.
  • Where She Gets Her Best Ideas.
    At 30,000 feet when flying for work and pleasure. Untethering from everyday life opens a wealth of opportunities!
  • Favorite Saying.
    Only customers create cash flow – and only your people keep them coming back!


  • As a Speaker
    Anne energizes audiences with entertaining stories of success, failure, and breakthroughs that create AHA! Moments that transform organizations. More…
  • As an Author
    Anne’s numerous ebooks address the peskiest problems that business leaders face: people and process. Her acclaimed book, Profit in Plain Sight provides a practical roadmap to overcome 5 of the top 10 challenges frequently cited by CEOs More…
  • As an Accelerator
    Anne works with motivated leaders and their teams as a hands-on consultant, coach, and mentor as the Managing Director of the Legendary Value Institute. The Institute offers online learn-by-doing programs (Profit U, Grow U, and Innovate U) that are accessible to every leader with the will and desire to transform their organization into a company with Legendary Value. More…

Rave Reviews

In one very focused question I was provided with specific tools to increase my bottom line by at least 38% immediately, and with discipline, even more.”

– Richard Wilson, President
Craftsman Specialty Products

I love the way Anne combines practical business acumen with a real appreciation for the human side of building teams and doing business together.”

– Kevin Gangel, Partner
Unstoppable Conversations

Anne’s unique approach has helped the BCPA move towards greatness and sustainability. She weaves values, strategies, and experience in such a way that it aligns the organization’s staff behind achieving our goals.”

– Melanie Crombie, CEO
BC Paraplegic Association