Amazon Best Seller Profith Insight

PART I: What do a #1 Amazon Best Seller and a GREAT business that’s #1 with its customers have in common? Just one thing…

The same secret drives both results.

It’s been a whirlwind past couple of weeks as I launched my first book, after four years in the making: Profit in Plain Sight: The Proven Leadership Path to Passion, Profit and Growth. Not only was has it been amazing to write and publish a book, but with hard work, planning and great support – I also hit a #1 Amazon best seller just 8 days after launch! When you’re working towards such a large goal, whether for a book launch or in business, your number one asset is your support system, and I had a great one.

A new spin on the “secret in plain sight” that drives books AND businesses to #1

Like any strategic plan, the Best Seller Strategy is both complicated and simple at the same time, and really depends of your level of attention to detail. However, the number one secret to getting an Amazon best seller… or a truly great business is… PEOPLE!


Now, that’s nothing new, but let me give you a new spin on this and offer a couple of quick online Assessments below that you can complete to see where you stand and show you what to do to move mountains.

  1. Your internal people have to be infused with a passion for what you’re doing so that they’ll give it their all.
  2. Your customers have to be enthused with the value they get from doing business with you so they’re excited to continue partnering with you. (Just 2 of the 15 free resources in Profit in Plain Sight)

There’s a reason that Apple new product releases have line-ups around the block and that new PC and Android devices go largely unnoticed… and that’s the difference between ho-hum and #1.

To be an Amazon Best Seller, you need to sell more books than the other guy. In your business, you need to create more value for your customers than the other guy. And it both cases, it’s a dedicated team that makes that happen.

Whatever your goal, gather together the best, strongest and smartest people you know, and ask for their help and support to achieve something that matters. You’ll move mountains when you work together.   Then, read Profit in Plain Sight: The Proven Leadership Path to Passion, Profit and Growth hyperlink, to learn exactly how to enthuse your customers.

You’ll move mountains. In part II, I’ll share another “well-known secret” that most of us forget… and that makes moving those mountains so much easier.

What’s the biggest mountain you ever moved, just by having your people infused or your customers enthused?