Amazon Best Seller customers have in common

PART II: What do a #1 Amazon Best Seller and a GREAT business that’s #1 with its customers have in common? Just one thing…

In Part I, I shared the “secret in plain sight” that drives success in bestselling books and in business, and provided two assessments you can use to evaluate where you’re at today and where you have opportunities to reach new heights.

Here in Part II, I’ll illustrate another “secret in plain sight” that accelerates all the good things in your business:

You can never extend too much appreciation to great people.

I want to highlight my Launch Team members in appreciation of all their work on my behalf and acknowledge the support they provided by reading my book, promoting it to their networks to create a word-of-mouth epidemic, buying my book, telling me how much they loved the book, and giving it great reviews on Amazon.  They truly moved mountains with and for me.

Many of them are #1 in their area of expertise, however you’ve probably never heard of them. Please explore this extraordinary group of people to find out how they can add value to you or your business because you’ll get a great return on your investment from any or all of these very special folks. While you’re increasing your profits and revenues, you may expand and grow in ways you didn’t even imagine. (Just click on their names to find their websites).

I want to take a special moment to recognize my incredibly talented virtual assistant and Director of PR, Tiana Gale. She is the most extraordinary virtual resource I’ve ever had the privilege to work with – my rock through this launch – whose amazing “can do” approach moved mountains on launch day and continues to surprise and delight me. If you read the last post, I can assure you I am Infused and Enthused when working with Tiana!

Business Services

Candice Alderson A talented colleague and leader in diversified construction services.

Laura Aveledo – An extraordinary friend, colleague, entrepreneur, and accomplished marketing executive.

Jana Beeman – An amazing business colleague with expertise in so many areas of small business.

Tina Dietz – A great woman on a mission, providing outstanding small business resources.

Carolyn Ellis – A unique and memorable visual illustrator for your next meeting.

Cheryl Bonini Ellis – A terrific high performance Leadership Coach.

George Horrigan – An acknowledged expert in helping small business thrive.

Peter Jackman – The highly successful General Manager of the wonderful Terminal City Club, Vancouver.

Peter Jeffrey – If you’re in the Okanagan, get to know Peter – an influencer with many intriguing business interests.

Rita Kim – A valued colleague empowering entrepreneurs for growth at every stage.

Gayle Nelson – An extraordinary friend, accomplished colleague, and superb executive coach

Chantal Normand – So talented at facilitating meaningful stakeholder conversations.

Pauline O’Malley – A long-time colleague and expert in Sales Process & Recruitment Testing.

Grant Pasay – A recent lifesaver, with wonderful website and advertising copywriting, including amazing Infusionsoft skills!

David J. Raffa – My favorite M&A Advisor and corporate finance expert.

Renee Safrata – A dear friend and colleague, with high-impact team development tools.

Anita Sanchez – A revered catalyst for organizational transformation.

Peter Scarth –  A fascinating serial entrepreneur, always into something new.

Stan Schaefer – The wonderful voice-over for my book trailer. Stan’s day job is keeping employees and customers safe with his innovative anti-slip flooring treatment.

Carol Sutton – A tireless cheerleader during my launch and master at creative conflict resolution.

Doug Wagner – An innovative thinker regarding strategic planning, with an amazing software application to back it up.

Katrina Warren – I was privileged to mentor this accomplished UBC MGA, who has gone on to a great career with Deloitte.

Personal/Professional Development

Christina Anthony – My personal financial guru and investment expert.

Pam Bayne – The phenomenal Director of Operations for the Evolutionary Business Council.

Amanda Butler – An expert in creating relationships with your self, others, your health, your career, your money!

Sharon Carne Amazing sound therapy for your personal and professional life.

Karen CaumeHead of the Executive Women’s Golf Association in Canada.

Ervin (Earl) Cobb – Extraordinary radio host, focused on life enrichment programs.

Teresa de Grosbois – Revered networker specializing in the topics of influence to help local word of mouth turn into epidemic success.

Jill Douka – A renowned international coach, speak, speaker, and author.

Steve Hobbs – An expert at sustaining breakthroughs when change and challenges are present.

Sam Liebowitz – A healer, coach, mentor, speaker, and gifted radio host.

Lisa Litwinski – An experienced coach, helping you discover your strengths, confidence, courage and peace.

Angie Niehoff A welcome new colleague and supporter from the Executive Women’s Golf Association – US Chapter.

Nancy Ogilvie – Nancy’s blog, Simply Fearless Love – A Hero(ine)’s Journey, is a great read!

Joseph Ranseth – An extraordinary colleague, friend, and visionary, helping everyday people transform themselves and energize movements that transform the world.

Melissa Robinson – A generous colleague, helping you create the life you want.

Ellen Rogin – A nationally-known expert on living a life of success and prosperity.

Oscar Santolalla – Terrific host of podcasts featuring successful public speakers.

Laura Simonson – A tireless supporter, every dog lover should get to know the founder of Indogo Plant-Powered Dogs, Don’t Forget Fido, and The Doggess.

Marilyn Suttle – A powerful coach sharing simple, scientific, measurable ways to reach your big goals.

Evana Valle – A terrific coach for women transitioning from a job to an entrepreneurship.


Just for Authors

Karen Rowe A multi-talented guru for aspiring authors – wish I’d known her sooner!

John Kremer – A well-respected mentor to authors who provided numerous ideas.

Brian Jud – Founder of APSS, providing fantastic resources and services to authors.


Baila Lazarus – A great colleague and specialist in aligning business owners with the media.

Dan Janal – My go-to resource for great press releases that get picked up everywhere!

Tom Martin – Media expert serving authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs.

Anne Day – The inspirational founder of the Company of Women.

Dawn-Marie Turner – A great resource for leaders navigating complex organizational change.

Amanda Butler – An expert in creating relationships with your self, others, your health, your career, your money!

Kara Deringer – A new and valued colleague specializing in transforming organizational conflict in the workplace.

Ken Tencer – A talented fellow author, combining branding, innovation and performance into business success.

Kevin Gangel – A long-time treasured colleague providing great alternatives when conventional change management isn’t working.

Lisa Manyon – A master at creatively fine-tune your marketing message and website strategy.

Lisa Mininni – A pioneer in taking a systems approach to profitability for small business.

Tracy Repchuck – An enthusiastic expert in creating fully branded online presence to help you reach millions.

My deepest thanks and gratitude to all of those whose names appeared on this list. I only hope I didn’t forget anyone!! (If I did, please let me know).

Take a moment below to recognize someone in YOUR business who is deeply deserving of appreciation. Then send them a little link to this blog post so that they get to see their name in lights.